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February 12, 2020



Luiza Bengtsson is a biochemist turned science communicator. She went from life sciences research uncovering communication channels in cells to creating new channels for dialog between science and society. Luiza’s work centers around her motto: more science into society and more society into science, which she lives by organizing large science popularization events, training high school teachers and enabling art-science and citizen science co-operations. In the ORION project, Luiza heads the team responsible for developing training on Open Science. She’s also a co-founder of a professional development company Trekstones and a CEO of BesserWissen e.V., a non-profit dedicated to developing and spreading tools for critical thinking.


Emma Harris' research background is in cultural history, specifically the fear of technology, but her career has moved from science fiction to science fact. Working in research project management she has become an enthusiast for open science, RRI, and science communication through roles including, Ethics Manager on the Human Brain Project and Research Integrity Officer at De Montfort University. Moving to Berlin from the UK in 2017, she now works in the Communications Department at the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine. She is a Project Manager and Training Developer working on designing open science training and materials for the ORION Open Science Project. 


Zoe Ingram has a bachelor’s degree in Education Science, specialized in Adult Education and Further Education. Presently she is completing her master’s thesis on the didactical task of program planning and course development within research institutes. Before and during her studies Zoe has worked in project management and coordination and has experience in property reconstruction and management in Berlin. On her personal journey and educational path, theatre has played an essential role. Trying to combine the strengths of the art of presence and performance with learning and development, Zoe contributes to ORION with her pedagogical knowledge and supports training delivery and development to identify and maximize outcomes. 


Produced and Presented by Dr Luiza Bengtsson, Dr Emma Harris, and Zoe Ingram

Edited by Emma Harris

Music by Fabio de Miguel

Sound Mixing by Paulo Oliveira

Supported by the Communications Department, MDC

Funded by European Union via the ORION Open Science Project for promoting Open Science in research performing and research funding organizations. Grant agreement NR 741527.

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