February 6, 2020

Together Works Better: How Sage Bionetworks Use A Collective Approach To Data

Episode Summary: 

This week we talk to Lara Mangravite, President of Sage Bionetworks 'a nonprofit biomedical research and technology development organization' that facilitates research data sharing in biomedicine, as well as promoting community research and citizen science projects. We discussed the advantages and challenges of dating sharing and what tools Sage BioNetworks are offering*. 

Episode Links (provided by Sage Bionetworks): 

Synapse is a set of web services and tools created by Sage Bionetworks that make it easier for researchers to aggregate, organize, analyze, and share scientific data, code, and insights. mPower is a free, 2 year digital health research study developed with the goal of understanding the progression of Parkinson’s Disease at the level of the individual. Elements of Informed Consent is a free, downloadable toolkit for researchers that includes basic information and best practices for developing an effective informed consent process. The Open Drug Discovery Center for AD (Open AD) was established to develop and openly distribute experimental tools for use in the evaluation of a diverse set of novel AD targets.

 Other Links:

Center for Open Science , NIH All of Us Research Program, Structural Genomics Consortium


*"The thoughts and views expressed in this interview are Lara Mangravite's and not those of Sage Bionetworks or any affiliated organizations."

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