July 18, 2019

A Metric for Optimism: John Ioannidis on Reproducibility, Preregistration, and Data Sharing

Episode Summary:

In this episode we are discussing data sharing and Open Science. Our interview guest will be Stanford University Professor of Medicine: John Ioannidis who has now come to the Berlin Institute of Health as an Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow at the BIH QUEST Center to establish the Meta-Research Innovation Center Berlin (METRIC-Berlin), the European “sister” of the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS). We will cover his research and opinions on data sharing, reproducibility, and how to improve research.


John Ioannidis

BIH Quest Centre

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False


'I think that scientists, by themselves, are recognizing that it is important to share [data] and in many fields, like in Genetics, they realize that unless they share they cannot really go very far'

'Clearly over the years we have seen more scientific sharing of data'

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