June 20, 2019

Public Money? Public Code: What ‘Free’ Software Really Means in Research

Episode Summary:

Our guest Dr Christian Busse spoke to us about the Free Software Foundation Europe and the challenges and opportunities connected to Open and Free Software...and what the differences between those two things might be. Christian has very kindly supplied some notes for us to add this week.


First, the main website of the "Public Money, Public Code" campaign is: https://publiccode.eu 

Second, the "Legal activities" section of the FSFE website, which includes further links for licensing questions, workshops and the Legal Network, can
be accessed via https://fsfe.org/activities/ftf/activities.en.html 

Finally, there is an position paper by the FSFE on Free Software in Horizon2020: https://fsfe.org/activities/ftf/activities.en.html 


'Free as in freedom and free as in beer'

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